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Why you can’t focus

  • Poor focus and attention are often a result of an overloaded, reactive nervous system rather than a lack of trying to pay attention.
  • When demands become overwhelming, stress hormones are released as a protective mechanism. These hormones temporarily disengage cognitive functions like focus, concentration, and working memory.
  • This is why in traumatic situations, details are often not remembered until much later – stress hormones disengage cognition. The same thing happens on a smaller scale when someone loses focus in a conversation or activity.
  • The Feel Good program helps improve focus by recalibrating the nervous system through 3 stages:
  1. Resetting the neurologic foundation to reduce reactivity to stressors.
  2. Fortifying processing connections so the brain can handle higher demands without becoming overloaded.
  3. Fine tuning cognitive outcomes once the foundation and processing are strengthened.
  • By building up the pathways from the ground up, the nervous system performs better under stress and stays focused. Reactivity is reduced, processing connectivity is improved, and cognition is sharpened.
  • In summary, poor focus stems from an overloaded, reactive nervous system. The Feel Good program enhances focus by improving the nervous system’s overall performance and stress resilience through targeted sensory-motor exercises.

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