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What is Nervous System Connectivity?

After taking the Feel Good quiz I get a lot of questions asking what does a low or poor nervous system connectivity mean? 

The best way to describe it, it’s like having a poor connection on your cell phone.  

When the connection is weak or unstable, it’s difficult to hear, can cut out, and create a lot of static.  

Because the phone has a weak connection to the cell tower,  having a conversation with someone is hard. 

You really have to pay a lot of attention to what the other person  is saying. 

It’s a LOT of work to communicate like that. 

Well, It’s exactly the same with your nervous system.  

Your brain and body are constantly having a conversation  together. 

Sending signals back and forth that control basically every part  of your body.

If the connection is weak, having those conversations is a lot  harder. 

The brain and body are having to spend a lot of energy to make  that communication happen. 

This leads to stress, anxiety, overwhelm, emotional outbursts,  and so much more. 

So the question is…how do you strengthen the nervous system  connection? 

Well, for the past 25 years as a neurology researcher that’s what  I’ve been trying to figure out. 

Over this time I’ve worked 1-on-1 with over 10,000 people to  help them rewire their nervous system. 

I found that many of them were trying to treat the symptoms of a  poorly connected nervous system, but were not actually  addressing the issue at the core. 

Things like medication and talk therapy are good tools, but they  don’t actually get to the root of the issue.  

The good news is I’ve figured out what does. 

Through many years of trial and error I can tell you one thing for  sure.  

If you want to strengthen your nervous system, the key is  MOVEMENT. 

But not just any movement, like going for a run. It’s specifically  targeted movements.

These are things like eye tracking, coordination, balance, etc.  

Every day in my office I see the incredible transformation these  simple movements have on people’s lives. 

After just a few weeks (or days in some cases), people feel more  in tune with their bodies, stress and anxiety melts away, and  everyday life just feels better.  

Working with people one on one has been incredibly rewarding  but my hours in the day are limited, and most people don’t live in  Los Angeles where my office is located. Plus it’s cost  prohibitive for many people.  

It’s been my life’s work to share this with as many people as  possible. 

So I’m incredibly excited to share with you the next evolution of  this work.  

It’s called Feel Good. 

You can check it out here. 

It’s an online movement program that’s designed to strengthen  your nervous system. 

It follows the exact same process I use in my office with my  private clients.  

And for the first ever time it’s available online. So you can do it anytime, anywhere. 

If you want to feel the power of a well connected nervous  system, I encourage you to check out this short video.

It explains the entire process from top to bottom. 

Plus, for the next few days when you join Feel Good you’ll lock in  a 20% off discount on any plan. 

Check it out here. 

If you have any questions, you can reply directly to this email. 

Let’s stay connected, 

Dr. Jim Costello 

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