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What is FNAT?

Imagine navigating through life with foggy glasses. Every action requires extra effort, every step is uncertain. Now, imagine removing those glasses and seeing clearly. This is the transformation that Dr. Jim Costello’s Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique (FNAT) aims to bring to individuals struggling with neurological and mental health challenges.

The Genesis of FNAT: From Curiosity to Creation
Dr. Jim Costello’s journey to developing FNAT began with a profound curiosity about the brain’s subcortex, often referred to as the primitive or reactive brain. As a practicing chiropractor for eighteen years, Dr. Costello was deeply involved in understanding the mechanics of the body. However, it was his fascination with how the brain develops that set him on a revolutionary path.
While studying the subcortex, Dr. Costello delved into the intricate relationship between movement and brain development. He discovered that specific movement sequences play a critical role in building and repairing communication pathways responsible for motor coordination, sensory integration, and emotional regulation. This discovery was not just a breakthrough; it was the cornerstone upon which FNAT was built.

Poking Holes in the Theory: The Birth of FNAT

Innovation often requires rigorous testing and validation. To ensure that his theoretical framework was sound, Dr. Costello assembled an advisory group tasked with challenging his ideas—essentially poking holes in his “theoretical bucket.” After a year and a half of scrutiny and refinement, Dr. Costello and his team were confident that the scientific principles and research supported his theory. Thus, the Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique was born.

What Makes FNAT Unique?

FNAT is more than just a wellness program; it is a meticulously designed system that mirrors the evolutionary journey of human movement. Picture building a house: you start with a solid foundation, add sturdy walls, and finish with fine details. FNAT follows a similar progression.

1. Foundation Phase: This initial phase focuses on essential developmental movements that prepare the brain for higher-level functions. These exercises stimulate neuroplasticity, setting the stage for complex neural development.

2. Fortify Phase: In this phase, more complex movements are introduced to challenge and strengthen the newly formed neural pathways. These activities enhance the efficiency and durability of these connections.

3. Fine-Tune Phase: The final phase involves precise exercises that refine neural connections, ensuring they are strong, agile, and adaptable. This phase enhances cognitive functions such as problem-solving, attention, and memory.

The Scientific Foundation of FNAT

Dr. Costello’s FNAT is grounded in the principles of neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. By modeling developmental movements, FNAT stimulates the neural pathways that were crucial in early brain development but may have become underutilized due to various factors such as stress or developmental delays. This approach fosters an environment where neuroplasticity can thrive, leading to sustained improvements in motor skills, cognitive functions, and emotional regulation.

The Real-World Impact of FNAT

The true measure of FNAT’s success lies in its impact on individuals. Dr. Costello’s method has shown profound benefits for those with ADHD, ASD, anxiety, and more. By focusing on the brain-body connection, FNAT helps individuals achieve better motor skills, cognitive functions, and emotional regulation. The testimonials and success stories from countless individuals who have reclaimed their lives through FNAT are powerful testaments to its efficacy.
Extending the Reach with the Feel Good App

In today’s digital age, Dr. Costello has ingeniously extended his techniques through the Feel Good App. This app makes FNAT principles accessible anytime, anywhere. It incorporates the Brain-Body Reset System for quick interventions and FNAT-based courses for long-term neurological enhancement. The app guides users through tailored exercises, tracks progress, and provides continuous support, ensuring that users can address immediate issues and build a robust foundation for lasting mental and physical health improvements.
Embracing a New Paradigm in Mental Health & Wellness

Dr. Jim Costello’s methodology transcends temporary solutions, focusing instead on profound, lasting changes. His belief in the transformative power of recalibrating the nervous system at its core is reflected in every aspect of FNAT and the Feel Good App. Much like a sculptor chisels away at a block of marble to reveal a masterpiece, individuals can unlock their full potential with FNAT and the Brain-Body Reset System. Dr. Costello’s mission is to transform the whispers of potential within each person into clear, actionable steps, allowing them to navigate life with confidence and grace.


The Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique (FNAT) is not just a therapeutic method; it is a pathway to transformation. Originating from Dr. Costello’s deep curiosity and rigorous scientific research, and brought to life through the Feel Good App, FNAT offers a groundbreaking approach to improving mental and physical health. Dr. Jim Costello invites you to join this transformative journey, to delve into FNAT, and to experience how the power of movement can unlock your brain’s full potential. Embrace your potential and start your transformation today.

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