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Your connectivity score!


Dr. Jim Costello

Dr. Jim Costello here! I’m the founder of Feel Good and for the past 25 years I’ve been a neurology researcher and have helped over 10,000 people rewire their nervous system using the power of simple targeted movements.

Understanding your starting point is the first big step in healing. Nice job taking the quiz. This should give you a good baseline of what’s going on.

Keep in mind your results don’t define you. This quiz only measures for neurologic soft signs. It does not measure intelligence or the many other factors that make you who you are.


Nervous System Connectivity

The nervous system controls everything from breathing to moving to sleeping. When it’s out balance, you feel it everywhere. Anxiety, sensory overload, poor focus, low energy, mood swings, and insomnia can happen when a nervous system is poorly connected. It’s like having one foot on the gas and one on the brake!


Measures feelings of worry, dread, panic, irrational fears, avoidance behaviors, and physical manifestations of anxiety.


Evaluates ability to sustain attention on conversations, reading, lectures, tasks, and activities without distraction.

Emotional Regulation

Assesses emotional volatility, dramatic reactions to change, and sensory seeking behaviors.

Body Awareness

Examines awareness of posture, tendency to injure oneself, disconnect between mind and body.

Body Control

Evaluates coordination, dexterity, posture, gait, motor planning, clumsiness, poor handwriting, and all motor skills.


Measures daytime fatigue, stamina, need for stimulation, and ability to sustain energy physically and mentally.


Examines ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep continuity, and how refreshed one feels upon waking.

Detailed Breakdown

Dive deeper into your results and learn more about each factor.

Nervous System Connectivity

(Lower is better)


(Lower is better)


(Higher is better)

Emotional Regulation

(Higher is better)

Body Awareness

(Higher is better)

Body Control

(Higher is better)


(Higher is better)


(Higher is better)

Improve your nervous system connectivity with Feel Good.

Unlock your full potential with the only movement program that rewires your nervous system. Backed by over 25 years of research and 10,000+ clients.

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Magic happens when you rewire your nervous system with Feel Good.

Better navigate your world without anxiety, meltdown, or medication.

Bye-bye anxiety

When your nervous system is overloaded and out of balance, you feel anxiety and overwhelm as part of daily life. You’re stuck in fight or flight. When we balance it, anxiety naturally goes away.

Calm your ADHD

Your hyperactive nature naturally calms down with a well balanced nervous system.

Social Superpowers

Social situations become easier and more fun when your nervous system is balanced.

Cool and calm

You’ll regulate your emotions better than ever. Your mind and body will be in a relaxed state.

Stop bumping into things

Better body awareness means an easier time moving around. Say goodbye to clumsiness.

Better memory

Enjoy an effortlessly sharp memory.

Think faster

If your nervous system is overloaded, your brain is wasting a lot of processing power. Restore balance and unlock your brain’s full potential . Full speed ahead.

How does it work?

Feel Good uses simple movements to help kids, teens and adults reduce their anxiety, impulsive behaviors, and improve their focus so they can navigate their world without anxiety, meltdown, or medication.


Do one movement session 3x per week

Our movement sessions are fully guided and easy to follow along. Do them anytime, anywhere. 


Rewire your mind, body and nervous system

Movement sessions adapt as the program goes on. You’ll move through different development phases.


See the results quickly

Most people start seeing balance and coordination improvements within a few days, and emotional changes within a few weeks.

1: Reset your foundation

Reset the neurologic foundation to open the gateway for growth and repair.

  • Unlock Reactivity

    This step helps you reset the primitive reflexes keeping the nervous system stuck in survival mode hindering movement, new growth, and development.

  • Restore Stability

    This step helps you activate your postural reflexes to improve your body control, tone, and balance against gravity.

  • Body Awareness

    Body Awareness will help you reset your personal space and help you stop bumping into things.

2: Restore Stability

Integrate and Activate processing connections to improve Self-Regulation.
  • Integrate

    This step helps you integrate the vestibular system to improve body awareness, spatial awareness, and regulate involuntary body movement.

  • Activate

    This step helps your cerebellum, improving the coordination of input to regions of the brain responsible for movement, behavior regulation and executive function

  • Regulate

    This step helps you with self-regulating your mood, anxiety, and focus, promoting stronger neural connections.

3: Build Body Awareness

Fine-tune the body-brain connections for outcomes and performance.

  • Midline

    This step helps our clients cross midline to accelerate the development of tasks such as reading, writing, putting on shoes, writing, cutting, kicking, throwing, and catching.

  • Focus & Memory

    This step helps our clients' multi-stepped sequencing and working memory so they can move through the organized, focused and engage with confidence.

  • Engagement

    This step helps our clients master the skills to engage their environment with physical certainty, emotional confidence and improved cognitive performance.

Backed by science

The methodology behind Feel Good has been tested with over 10,000 private clients and over 25 years of research. Our results speak for themselves.

After just 12 Weeks...

0 %
improved in their ability to self-soothe without reactive outbursts
0 %
experienced fewer sensory sensitivities and emotional overreactions
0 %
of participants saw a reduction in general anxiety symptoms

*based on a study of 682 participants

We've helped 10,000+ people like you feel good.


Doctors from many fields support our neuroscience, development, and movement research.

Dr. Pejman Katiraei

Dr. Pejman Katiraei

Wholistic & Integrative Medicine Specialist

Dr. Dawn De Sylvia

Dr. Dawn De Sylvia

Nationally-Recognized Family Practice Specialist

Dr. Sherry Sami

Dr. Sherry Sami

Integrative Dentistry / Orthodontics Based on “Total Body Wellness”

Dr. Doug Sears

Dr. Doug Sears

Psychiatric Specialist


Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Our 12-week course blends principles of exercise physiology with the neurobiological science of brain development and neuro-nutrient fortification to help members strengthen their body-to-brain connections and improve its overall performance.

Neuro-Balance Solutions’ approach and philosophy is a result of years of 20 years of research by James Costello (Founder & Developer) and his dedicated team.

How long is the program?

The program is 12 weeks long. It’s broken up into 3 Phases and 12 Stages.

Don’t worry — it’s all fully guided, day by day.

Will this work for me?

Feel Good is designed to rewire your nervous system. The higher your nervous system imbalance, the better Feel Good will work for you. 

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope! No special equipment is required. Some space on your floor at home will work just fine.

How much time does it require?

It’s recommended you perform your movement sessions 3 times per week.

In the beginning, each movement session takes 15 minutes but progresses up to 30 minutes as the course advances.

Can I do this at home?

Yes! You can access Feel Good from anywhere you have internet. It works on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

What's your refund policy?

Try Feel Good for 30 days. If you’re not 100% happy, just email us for a full refund. No hassle.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Easily cancel anytime. No commitments needed. Try it for 30 days and see how Feel Good can help.

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