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Based on 7 Neurodiversity Markers

The Feel Good quiz is an in depth comprehensive assessment of 7 neurologic factors. Based on over 25 years of research and 10,000 results.


Measures feelings of worry, dread, panic, irrational fears, avoidance behaviors, and physical manifestations of anxiety that interfere with work, relationships, or school. Assesses whether anxiety symptoms are occasional or more persistent and disabling.


Evaluates ability to sustain attention on conversations, reading, lectures, tasks, and activities without distraction. Assesses completion of projects, following instructions, organization, recall, and problems with wandering focus that disrupt productivity and learning.

Emotional Regulation

Examines hypersensitivity or intense avoidance responses to sounds, textures, smells, lights, movements that are atypical compared to peers. Also assesses emotional volatility, dramatic reactions to change, sensory seeking behaviors, and difficulty regulating emotional reactions to sensations.

Body Awareness

Measures interoceptive awareness and proprioceptive ability – perception of internal body signals like hunger, pain, tension, and external position sense. Also examines awareness of posture, tendency to injure oneself, disconnect between mind and body.

Body Control

Evaluates coordination, dexterity, posture, gait, motor planning, and all motor skills. Assesses issues like clumsiness, poor handwriting, dropping things, delays in milestones, stiffness, problems imitating movements or learning new motor skills.


Examines ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep continuity, and how refreshed one feels upon waking. Assesses use of sleep aids, impact of sleep difficulties on daytime drowsiness, functioning, and reaching one’s potential.


Measures daytime fatigue, stamina, need for stimulation, and ability to sustain energy physically and mentally. Assesses issues like afternoon energy crashes, brain fog, accomplishing less due to low motivation and vitality.

Get Your Feel Good Report

Medical Disclaimer: The purpose of this quiz is to provide general information regarding neurological soft signs. This quiz is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any condition. Please consult a mental health professional if you believe you have a mental health concern.

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