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Our longer 4 week courses are designed to deep dive into an issue. Designed for a longer term fix.

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Quick courses are perfect for an in the moment reset. Spend just 5 minutes and you’ll feel better right away.

Backed by Science

The Feel Good app is designed from the FNAT protocol developed by Dr. Jim Costello. It has been tested with over 10,000 private clients and over 30 years of research. Check out some 3rd party studies below

General Cognitive Abilities Test

This test measures the functional brain processing activities. The purpose of the profile is to compare electrophysical BioMarker activity with standardized age normed data to gain clinical insights into how the cortex is organized. Several cognitive and non-cognitive tasks were included in the analysis.

Primary Test of Nonverbal Intelligence

This test is used to identify both severe intellectual deficits and superior cognitive intelligence; help estimate future school success based on family history, educational background, and personality traits; and study a wide range of researchable topics and issues.

Woodcock Jhonson

The areas examined by the test are based on 9 broad stratum abilities which are: Comprehension-Knowledge, Long-Term Retrieval, Visual-Spatial Thinking, Auditory Processing, Fluid Reasoning, Processing Speed, Short-Term Memory, Quantitative Knowledge and Reading-Writing. 

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